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Alina Cahen
51 Rue Lorraine


Our B&B is located in the charming small village surrounded by the beautiful forests. We are living in the typically Lorraine 200-year old house.Our 2 rooms are on the first level and decorated with our artistic personalities.Our place is half hour from Metz and German border. Is ideal place for walking and cycling . Lovely patio and garden, vegeterian food.

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REviews for Chambres d'hotes à Burtoncourt , Burtoncourt:

La Maison Lorraine bien charmante
Opinion par: Cindy Hereford, May 10 2010 2:28PM
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Maison Lorraine. We had both breakfast and dinner there, and the hostess made a wonderful meal that catered to my food allergies and yet which still appealed to everyone's palate. Congenial hosts. Comfortable rooms. Relaxing location far from the busy-ness of life. Highly recommend Maison Lorraine!

Enchanting stay in the country
Opinion par: Cindy Hereford, May 5 2010 1:42AM
We spent one night at Maison Lorraine on our way from Frankfurt to Bastogne. The innkeepers are warm and welcoming. Rooms are comfortable. We had dinner with them which was superb, as well as a delicious and filling breakfast the next morning! I have food allergies, and our hostess made food especially for me - so thoughtful. Highly recommend this inn!
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