Price per night:
Boularot Julie
83 Chemin de L'aube
St Clement


"The Beautiful Escape" is a beautiful and comfortable guest room.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Located in the Gard department in the town of St Clement from "Land and Sea" 5 km Sommiéres towards Sauve.

Come here for one or more nights in our small village where life is good in the shade of oaks and pines.

A spacious room awaits you, decorated in the colors of Provence.

You simply push the garden gate to stroll on many lined with vineyards scented garrigue trails.

Exploring the "Bois de Paris" which you can watch the top of the gazebo, breathtaking views of the coastal plains to the Cevennes mountains.


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Number of Rooms: 1

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Animals Allowed
Credit Cards Accepted

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