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Ann Raemdonck
Le Bourg


Welcome to our bed and breakfast L'Ancien Pressoir, situated in the village Ménil-Hermei.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The typical Normandy style house is more than 200 years old. Upon arrival you are able to enjoy the peace and tranquility, the authenticity of the environment within a cozy atmosphere.
The large garden with hottub invites to enjoy endlessly.
To make the picture complete, you find picturesque villages hidden in the valleys and hills.
The river Orne and the surrounding environment are breathtaking creating an idyllic setting. It is a paradise for water sport enthousiasts who are able to discover hidden betweenlandscapes by kayak or canoe. The rocky environment creates a perfect setting for nordic walking, horse riding, mountain biking and rock climbing.

After a fruitful day, you are able to gather around the dinning table indoors or in the garden and taste the products of the region.

Welcome to “L’Ancien Pressoir”


Hottub = 20.00 euro (1- 8 pers.)


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