Price per night:
Tavernier Xavier
109 Rue Jules Guesde


Helen and Xavier receive you in their room d 'hôte of Catelet, in Fressenneville, quality-label 3 ears Gite of France, quality-label Tourism and Disabilities.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

This room is done up in the barn d 'une ancient farmhouse-style cottage of Picardy. The low courtyard and the garden allow ownership to keep its genuineness and to the guests to be of benefit d 'un corner of campaign.

They offer you their table in the evening. You will be able to use dishes cooked from products of the garden and the low courtyard, as well as local products there.

Equipée for l 'accueil persons with reduced agility, this family room can accommodate jusqu 'à 6 persons.


Somme bay, Le Treport, Saint Valéry sur Somme, Le Crotoy, Abbeville, Amiens


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Access: by A28, take the exit n°4 " Vimeu " then to follow direction Friville Escarbotin.

For GPS: 50.068611; 1.577777

Some landmarks by road ways:
.... CALAIS: 1 h 15.... ROUEN: 1 h 00.... LILLE: 2 h 00.... REIMS: 2 h 30.... PARIS: 2 h 00.... BRUSSELS: 3 h 30

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Prices in €
Price Day Price Week
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n/a 60 n/a n/a
Prices in €
Price Day Price Week
min. max. min. max.
n/a n/a 340 380


Disabled Access
Animals Allowed
Credit Cards Accepted

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