Corine Kesler
6 Rue du Four


Welcome to Relais du Blaiseron! Our guesthouse used to be a relay for horses and oxen which towed barges to Saint Dizier and Marnaval factories, filled with iron ore mined in our forests.

Located in the Valley of the Blaise, the charming village of Louvemont is ranked "3 flowers" in the list of villages in bloom.

The surroundings are very pleasant, with the forest of Der at 500 meters, the river and the old canal. You will enjoy biking, hiking or horseback riding.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Our 5 confortable bedrooms, rated 4 stars at Gîtes de France, are decorated with taste and named after birds. Each room has its private bathroom and toilet.

les geais : one double bed upstairs with a lounge on the ground floor
les verdiers : one queen size bed on the ground floor with a lounge upstairs
les pinsons : one queen size bed on the ground floor with a lounge upstairs
les sitelles : one queen size bed with a balcony overlooking the garden
les mésanges : one queen size bed on the ground floor with an Italian style bathroom, perfect for the ederly or people with mobility problems

A lounge is at your disposal next to the dining room.


the Lake of Der and its activities: water sports, fauna and flora discovery cranes and migratory birds observation (from October to March) the Castle of Cirey, Voltaire's residence Ecurie de la Blaise, equestrian center 200m away from our house cycle tracks the beautiful forest of Der and the park Accroder the tour of half-timbered churches the iron route: a tour about ancient metallurgy, art castings and today's foundry


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From Paris, leave RN4 at St Dizier and take the direction of Troyes, then follow Wassy on RD2. Past Humbecourt, keep this road for about 4 km, then turn right in the direction of Louvemont. Louvemont is 3 km away.

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