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Lemenager Valérie
17 Rue Général de Gaulle


1 km from the beaches of Houlgate and Cabourg, Anglo-Norman manor located in the historic center of Dives-sur-Mer. Valerie and Christophe offers you personalized rooms and gourmet breakfasts.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Villa Le Progres, in the heart of Dives-sur-Mer, home of 1887, former headquarters of the newspaper printing Norman
"The Progress", now named "The Pays d'Auge". Located close to the village of William the Conqueror.
Between the beaches of Houlgate and Cabourg.

beings can Breakfasts served in the dining room or under the first rays of sun, On the garden (the breakfast is included in the room price)


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Number of Rooms: 3

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