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Natalie Trent
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Our gîte is a completely independent, self-catering apartment with its own entrance on a private, quiet side of the house. The interior offers a kitchenette, bathroom (shower) as well as a zen-inspired bedroom and living space. Ideal for 2 people.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Our gîte is a completely independent, self-catering apartment with its own entrance on a private, quiet side of the house. The interior offers a kitchenette, bathroom (shower) as well as a zen-inspired bedroom and living space. Ideal for 2 people the gîte also offers access to the main terrace, from an interior door, an added benefit not found in most rural gîtes.
Although completely equipped, you are invited to reserve space at the table d’hotes and join us for a meal to enjoy the fusion cusine we offer with local wine. Or you may request personal catering with the meal of your choice brought to you in the gite - only the washing up to do! Any and all options will be available with advance reservation.


In the middle ages, Azille was one of the more important sites of the Archdiocese of Narbonne, which gave it the 14th century church of St. Julien, in the center of town (still maintained and in use to this day). The Clarisses Monastery is just around the corner from the church and may also be visited. - Parts of the original fortified walls, towers and entryways can still be seen surrounding the very center of town. - There are also a number of chateaux from the 19th century still in use today, which you can see as you stroll around the village. Take special note of the Chateau Gallimard, of which the Azillaise population are quite proud! - Only 4 kilometers from the center of Azille, the Canal du Midi runs through the vineyards and the community's hamlet of Jaurrès, which houses original aging barrels of gargantuan size. - In town, there are a few wine tasting rooms and Azille's own Cave Cooperative, which is home to many of the grapes harvested in the fall from the vineyards surrounding the village. - Throughout the year, Azille offers a variety of street fairs and festivals, local craft fairs, food and wines, flea markets, art exhibitions, and a historic Spanish Feria, just to name a few! Plus many artisans and their crafts are on display around town on a permanent basis.


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From Toulouse (and Carcassonne)
From the Toulouse ring road (la périphérique), follow signs to the autoroute A61, direction Montpellier. Take a ticket from the tollbooth at the start of the autoroute (you'll need to hand over the ticket when you leave the autoroute - the toll from Toulouse to Carcassonne Est is about €5)
Once on the autoroute you should see signs to Carcassonne (about 97Km away). Leave the autoroute A61 at exit 24 (Sortie #24 Carcassonne Est). This is the second of two exits for Carcassonne - don't take the first one. You will see the ancient fortified cité from the autoroute over to your left before you exit.

After leaving the A61, follow signs to Trèbes centre, turning right onto the N113 and then left onto the D610 (be careful not the continue on the N113 as that will take you to Narbonne and bypass Azille).

After passing through Trèbes, stay on the D610 (pay attention here as the road twists and turns a bit - just make sure you stay on the main road). You will pass through Marseillette, then Puicheric. Shortly after Puicheric, take the second turn off for La Redorte (make sure you follow the second sign posted turn for La Redorte, NOT the first).

Once you arrive in the town center of La Redorte, watch out on the right for a small, hidden sign for Azille (if you miss this you will have to turn around and go back to look on your left). Weave through the back streets of La Redorte until you are on the little country road leading to Azille. You will see Azille before you are there (beautiful, isn't it?)!

Once you start the rise up at the entrance to the village, you will see a lower road angling off to the left. Pass this road and then take the next left turn. Follow this road up and it will take you into Place de Plo where you can park. La Dolce Vita is located at 19, Grand Rue which is almost on the Place going up the one-way street the wrong way - you can't miss it!

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