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Famille Habani
Avenue Jérôme Guarnieri - Face à La Mairie
Pila Canale


Overlooking the lower valley of Taravo, the Guidi Villa is located right in the unique village of Pila-Canale.
This stunning 20th century country house will invite you to discover the hidden gems of our island.
Share and find out the local hospitality by being sat at a friendly table and enjoy some precious time-off in this one of a kind region.
The Guidi Villa, located right in the heart of Pila-Canale, was built in 1920 and was entirely refurbished in 2009/2010 to fit out three floors. Is being offered to you, the opportunity to enjoy a stay with a bespoke Corsican familly, natives from the village and where values and traditions are still handed over with passion.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Overlooking the lower valley of Taravu, THE VILLA GUIDI offers 2 Bedrooms of 22 m² and 2 Suites of 32 m² and one Loft of 48m² with panoramic terrace
All featuring terraces or balconies.
Being part of the Villa Guida, the large familly room “A Mutagnera” features kitchen and dinning space brightly opened upon the wide terrace. Terrace particulary enjoyed by our guests at breakfast time.

The pool and beaches “wooden islands-teck” fits perfectly into an almost century old citrus park of 2500m2. Lemons and oranges that are often shared with our guests during their stay, either as fresh lemonade or as jam on your toasts during breakfast.


Pila-Canale, village in Corsica, far from anything and almost everything leaves you the opportunity to surf between the two largest bays of Corsica. Those of Ajaccio and Propriano. Only 30 and 40 km separate the small village of the two cities. You also get a near significant, with the first prehistoric site in Corsica FILITOSA, as well as the beaches of Abbartello and Porto-Pollo (17 Km)


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General location:
We are located 35 Km small (between 35 and 40 min by car) from Ajaccio and Propriano.
You also get a sizeable area, with beaches and ABBARTELLO PORTO POLLO which are offered all kinds of water activities, formulas restorations and distractions (17Km or 15 car). We are also 30 minutes drive from Porticcio resort attractive and enjoyable for all.
Needles Bavella (50min drive)

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