Catherine Le Rousic
6 Chemin De Chambernoux
Les Bordes - La Celle Les Bordes


We offer: - the room sand with two single beds or double bed u 180 cm - the gray room with double bed and a cot for child under 10 years on the 1st floor, for customers, with a bathroom including WC - bathrobes are at your disposal in the rooms. - The ground floor, a room reserved for guests for breakfast we serve and, if they wish, so they can prepare meals (microwave and refrigerator)

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

On the ground floor there is room to take the breakfast as we develop and where there is opportunity to warm up food for dinner.


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Located 27 km from Versailles, 13 km from Rambouillet and 10 km from Chevreuse, "the Comforter in the Woods" is on the edge of the forest at the end of the village of Bordes towards Bullion.

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