Béatrice Merle
4 Place de L'église


In front of the church of Thorigné, Vincent and Béa renovated the house of their family, built in 1855 by their ancestors. They propose you 4 rooms for 4 winds : "Autan" "Mistral" "Zéphyr" "Alizé"

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The 4 winds :
- "Autan" : To give you a taste of the "Toulousian Région", where Vincent et Béa live when they are not in Thorigné to welcome you.
- "Mistral" : To evoke the famous Provençal wind and the Noble prize winning Poet. A little taste of home for Vincent who was born in Nîmes.
- "Zéphyr" : For a soothing "Seaside" atmosphere.
- "Alizé" : For the tropical side of life, recalling the time spent in French Guyana.

in "Autan", "Mistral" et "Alizé" : Privative and separate shower-room and toilet
in "Zéphyr" : Privative shower-room, with toilet, made to be convenient for the persons with reduced mobility


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