Durand Agnès Et Marcel
137, Rue des Trions


Visit a lovely place in Beaujolais, in the heart of the famous Crus du Beaujolais. We propose you 2 guestrooms, each with a bathroom and some WC.
For 60 € a night (2 persons), you will have a tasty breakfast and could taste our wines.
Choose between our two rooms : "Moulin A Vent" with a king size bed or "Les Cadoles" with two "one person" bed and a sofa (for a 4 persons family).

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

For over 10 years now we have decided to set up hotels in order to discover our region, our business and our wines. Considering that tourism in Beaujolais was not sufficiently developed, we decided to participate in its expansion by two guest houses. Low capacity, of course. But a capacity of human scale. Always ready to answer your questions, often highly specialized, we like to take the time to talk to the tourists who venture into the vineyard Beaujolais. Nothing will make us happier than to offer you a drink, makes wines of Beaujolais on the terrace at the very clear view in summer, in the dining room or even in our cellar. You can watch closely the work of the vine, just steps from your guest room, or the winery where Marcel works there. During the harvest, you can take the opportunity to see for your interest and our pleasure, the secrets of the development of our wines of Beaujolais.The more adventurous can even lend a hand to Marcel if they wish. We have staked everything on authenticity. Authenticity of our relationships, our home, the services we offer, our wines. Everything to help you feel here at home, at your leisure. That's why we refuse to accommodate families who come to our region for a wedding or a family meal, for any event other than used to develop tourism in Beaujolais. To the solution of the whole hotel is found. There are several in the region do not hesitate to make them work. If you want to discover the Beaujolais vineyards and all its richness, please visit us at the heart of the vineyards of the Beaujolais Crus.


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