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La Maison Blanche


Guesthouse perched on the heights of Tulle in lush greenery surrounded by woods offers calm and tranquility to 3 minutes from downtown. At the heart of "Green Country" you will discover the many hiking, water bodies, natural sites, villages and chapels.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The rooms and Antoinette Eugenie Marianne and lounge are tastefully decorated and create a cozy atmosphere. Space baby (cot, bath, changing table) is at your disposition.
L access to the pool is limited and regulated.


Aubazine, Brive, Collonges La Rouge, Beaulieu sur Dordogne and 1 hour drive or the Périgord with Rocamadour, Sarlat is the mountains of Auvergne, the Puy de Dome, Puy de Sancy


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Extra Information: Pour les mois de juillet et août : 2 nuits minimum


Disabled Access
Animals Allowed
Credit Cards Accepted

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