Davoine Jean-Pierre
26 Rue de Cerny
D'Huison Longueville


With a few kilometers of Ferté-Alais, in the Natural reserve of Gâtinais.

Jean-Pierre and Francoise propose 4 pretty rooms of hosts to you.
Beautiful space green and flowered with calms.

A Carpark inside the property.

On the floor 4 rooms for 2 people including 1 with 2 beds 1 person.

Room of water and WC deprived for each one. Our breakfasts, copious and varied, are been used for in the dining room or in terrace. Speciality jam house with fruits of the garden.

With proximity: Aerodrome of Cerny (air meeting and museum of old aviation). Paths GR. 1, 11 and 111.

Golf courses, ponds of fishing, Milly-the-Forest, Barbizon, Chamarande, bases leisures of Stamps.

Many castles to be visited.

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A6 motorway left 9 (Mennecy) to follow Ferte ALais then D' Huison longueville. While coming from the south to leave in Cély just aprés toll and to follow Ferté Alais while passing by Dannemois (the village of Claude François). The RER D Malesherbes direction and to go down in Ferté Alais

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