Yannick Durenne
3 Route D'Auberive


Bed and breakfast in the countryside. Calm and relaxation in a green 10 minutes of Langres ranked among the 50 most beautiful cities in France.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Our house has five comfortable rooms, TV lounge, bar and large dining room. all in a rustic and warm atmosphere. In summer you can enjoy our large terrace, a playground and snack bar and near the barnyard animals


At 10 min, Langres walled city and among the 50 most beautiful cities in France will offer a walk on the ramparts, visit its monuments and museums. The four surrounding lakes can enjoy fishing or water sports summer. In an hour's drive south, Burgundy and Gold Coast you will discover the jewel of the great wines of France. Pleasant stay in our region.


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On the highway A31, between Troyes and Dijon take exit No. 6, Langres south.
Our house is 1 minute in the direction of Langres

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