1, Rue du Chêne


At the gates of the Lac du Der, Anne-Marie Didier
welcome you warmly into their family home dating back to 1860, you'll be seduced by the charm of the rooms, which aspires to peace and relaxation,where hemp and stone blend harmoniously

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The spirit "campaign" reign in this place.
Each room has its own bathroom, television and its own bathroom.Tastefully decorated, each room has its own style to it.


After a good night for calm and a good breakfast, discover the Lac du Der Chantecoq and its surroundings. The Lac du Der is one of the largest lake in Europe, with its 4800 hectares of water body, its 77 km of shoreline, you'll find ports, beaches, forests, many species of migratory birds. Fishing (the area is conducive to the miraculous catches with his pike, perch, carp, catfish ...), swimming, hiking, sailing, water skiing, it is the site of a huge area of water sports. As early as June, the lake gives way to 600 hectares reserved for motor boats, and jet skis to the delight of tourists. Around the lake are the kingdom of forest walks, mountain bike trails, hiking ... Take this opportunity also to visit his Champagne groves, ponds, woods, meadows, pigeon, many laundries, churches timbered typically regional, Haras National de Montier en Der (8 km with horse racing, breeding and riding). . In winter it becomes a stopover for many migratory birds. The lake is protected to accommodate more than 270 species of birds (cranes, geese, eagles ...) Good and beautiful discoveries in perspective.


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At 5 km from the Lac du Der, between Saint-Dizier and Montier en Der.

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