Welcome at Chateau de Lantilly. The castle is situated on the right bank of the Anguison River in the foothills of the Morvan at 5 minutes from Corbigny. Lantilly is a simple and authentic place which is on the list of Historical Monuments. You can stay in one of our themed bed and breakfast rooms or rent the whole castle.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

We have five themed B&B rooms. Our rooms are authentic, each with its own style and charm from a certain period in French history.
Chambre Louis XIII : In a universe of its own, this room is furnished and decorated in the typical style and feeling of the Louis XIII period.Its special atmosphere is composed of a canopy bed, an extra double bed, an en-suite bathroom and toilet.This room enjoys pleasant views over the moat and the park.
Chambre Directoire : This room looks like a Princess Room and reflects the Directoire period just after the French Revolution.The room features a double bed, two single beds, an en-suite bathroom, a toilet and is located on the first floor with view on the park.
Chambre Empire : Influenced by Napoleon’s taste for imposing solid furniture, the Empire style is noted for its straight lines and the predominant use of mahogany.The Empire Room has two double beds, an en-suite bathroom, a toilet and can be separated in two by a curtain for privacy.The room is located on the 2nd floor with views on the park and the castle moat.
Chambre Louis-Philippe : In this room, you will find an environment where everything is done to make you comfortable. This room features a double bed, a single bed, bathroom and toilet.The room can be separated by a curtain for privacy and overlooks the last out of 6 towers which stands next to the castle.
Chambre Turquoise :

This bright and cosy room has two single beds which can be combined into a double bed. It has an en-suite bathroom and a separate toilet. From the window you can see the donjon (which is the ancient word for castle keep), the moat and surrounding countryside.

Water is predominant around the castle. You can walk around the moat, follow the Anguison River and visit the garden to discover the fauna and flora. You can visit our horse riding centre “Eperon de Lantilly” where Laura and her faithful companions will welcome you. To complete this trip you can go and test your arc shooting accuracy at the local archery club.


Horse riding center, boat, Hiking, Lac de la Pannecière, Bibracte, Parc du Morvan, canal du Nivernais , Vezelay, Nevers, Avallon, Lac des Settons.


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Between Château-Chinon and Clamecy (30km).
3.800km of Corbigny.
60km of Nevers and La charité sur Loire.
28km of Vezelay.
40km of Avallon.
Route départementale : D 977 bis - D 285.

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