Price per night:
Mme Blanc-Gonnet Danielle
Chemin des Prés
Villard de Lans


Bed and breakfast in a new chalet in the countryside near the village.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Chalet with 4 comfortable rooms with a capacity of nine people in total, a large dining room where guests can enjoy fine cuisine of the region, a lounge for relaxing near the wood stove, terrace, garden, private parking -


A Villard de Lans, ice rink, aquatic center, bowling, casino, tennis, ball games, golf 18 holes - baptisms balloon-Museums, Caves - Sites of Resistance, picturesque roads -


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Grenoble - Villard de Lans, direction Corrençon, route the high school climate - the first road on the right - 4th house down the road -

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