Annie Mercier
La Mazadette


Welcome to the Mas Red Pots, guest houses and lodges in the heart of the Gard ...

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Between land and sea, midway between the Cevennes, the Camargue and the Mediterranean ... Annie and Eric welcome you to the Mas Red Pots.
You will love this former silk, place of rearing silkworms, typically charming valley overlooking the Cevennes Vidourle. Settle into one of the rooms of the domain. The chance may lead you in the room of the shelter that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and is set back from the house.
You can walk the hiking trails and enjoy the season came ferias so dear to the inhabitants of the region.
return from your excursions, exhibitions, arranged on terraces invite you to relax and rest.
For dinner, your host will be happy to whip up one of her recipes inspired by local produce.
The house red pots offers three guest rooms in the main building with private access:
-room "flower" sleeps 2-room area 40m2
"china" capacity 2/3 persons 40m2 area
- room "snug" capacity 2/3 person
30m2 area and Dog Flower Flower become China for a family of 4 to 5 people
And a cottage:
The shelter pots red, Away from view and the house is rented, off-season bed and breakfast for two people and been in bed with her kitchenette under his porch.
A bath with light therapy in the front room bay window, a sink of yesteryear, make this a unique haven, popular with lovers of tranquility and charm ..


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