Gertrude Almond
Route Lozeron
Beaufort sur Gervanne


There is room for two (only !) in a small house on the edge of a "village pérché" (with quite a bit of history) in the Parc Regional Naturel de Vercors, a region well known for its beauty

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The house was originally a simple home of village people, it was partially destroyed in 1945, then rebuilt as it was originally, later divided into 2 properties and I bought the side with the garden that has a view to the "Trois Bec", the mountain that dominates the valley of the Drome around here. About 3 years ago I added a garage and a room "for friends" which I am happy to let in summer.


the region is ideal for walking; exploring old villages, canoeing, climbing and cycling; in Crest in August you can enjoy a Festival of Jazz and throughout summer there are concerts big and small in many beautiful old chapels and churches.


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You can either fly to Lyon or Grenoble and hire a car, then head for Valence, Crest, Mirabelle/Blacon and then up the valley of the Gervanne - once in Beaufort I am just above the caserne of the fire brigade - the road divides into 3 ane my house is the first in the angle between the road to Gigors and the road to Lozeron.

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