Irène Lenoir
18 Rue Du Manoir- Hameau De Moux


Large bedroom with fireplace in a 15th century manor- In the quiet country side of Burgundy. Close to the most famous vineyards.
Cottage to rent for 11 persons or two B&B in the manor and the dovecote.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

At the top of the hill in the hamlet of Moux sits a distinguished manor house in pink tinted stone from the fifteenth century. It was the property of Guigone de Salins and Nicolas Rolin, founders of the Hospices de Beaune.
A huge farmyard barn, majestic stone walls, a pigeon tower with a romantic bedroom and rows of crops in the fields around - the panorama swings from the Mont Blanc to the western sun and the golden vineyards right in the heart of Burgundy. After a long dormant period, Equivocal and its thick and welcoming walls offers you hospitality in this place where silence and nature reign supreme.
This reawakened heritage building invites you to throw open wide its grand windows - to the enlivening air, the forest sounds and gentle hum of the nearby rivers.

The manor’s spacious guest room with medieval lines, regal fireplaces guarantees relaxation and true comfort.
The village enjoys an ideal location surrounded by some of the finest wine estates of the region, only 12km from Beaune and 8km from Nuits-Saint-Georges. Delicious breakfast included.


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Highway: Exit 24 BEAUNE-CEN TRE Savigny-Les-Beaune-SAINT-NICOLAS

Take the N74, called road to Dijon (between Beaune and Dijon). On your left, the slopes (west) on your right, the plain (east): the hamlet of Moux is in the plain.

From Beaune on the national, to leave the village of Corgoloin: first right called "The Path of Mr.". Once on it straight, pass over the railway lines and over-the highway continue to sink into the plain, straight for two miles.
Between the towns of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune 8km to 12km.

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