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537 Route de Bel Air
Saint Lager


Our lodging is located in the heart of Beaujolais. You can come to admire the scenery and sample the wines of our region

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

At 100 meters from the greenway, welcome to the heart of the vineyards of Brouilly in our wine house we are restoring "in its own juice. Before the 50s, mixed farming was the rule and the large porch cows allowed to join the nursery, uh ... sorry ... their barn with the old crib and roller beds. The parents' bedroom walls covered with old doors overlooking the vineyards that dominate the Beaujolais with a beautiful view of "Notre Dame de Brouilly" and Castle Pizay.
And a glance at 180 degrees you can enjoy all the great wines at your feet Brouilly, your hand Côte de Brouilly, a stride (Morgon, Regnier, Saint-Amour, Chenas, Fleurie Windmill and Juliénas)


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