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Teresa & Alan Bretman
3, rue Grand'Rue de Babaudus


Chambres d'Hotes with Licenced Restaurant exclusively for guests, situated only 4km from Rochechouart on the borders of the Haute-Vienne, Charente and Dordogne, and only 25 minutes from Limoges airport.

Three rooms with facilities; ample off-road car parking; air-conditioned Dining Room and patrons' bar, with Wi-fi access in all rooms and a private terrace for guests.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Babaudus was one of several small villages that used to be located in the Charente Departement until the early 19th. Century when administrative reorganisation brought them into the Haute-Vienne. The village was large enough to have its own school (now a children’s holiday centre) as well as a blacksmith’s and a bakery. Le Campagnard itself was the local bar and restaurant. The oldest part of the building dates from the late 18th. Century and it was used as a safe house and a weapons store for the local French resistance during World War Two. Right up until the 1960s it remained a popular social venue, owned and run by the same local family for over 100 years.

After some changes of ownership and a period of closure, the new proprietors have undertaken a considerable amount of refurbishment. Le Campagnard has now reopened in 2013 as a Chambres d’Hotes with a Licensed Restaurant for patrons.

Rochechouart was one of the many castles and fortified towns reconquered by Richard Cœur de Lion to regain his Kingdom of Aquitaine after his return from the Crusades, and is just a short drive from Chalus where he was fatally wounded.


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