Alain Privel Et Marie-christine
Les Bruyères


House with character and charm

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

This is a house with character and charm, built at the end of the nineteenth century.

The guesthouse is located between the regions of Bresse and Dombes, 2 km from Châtillon sur Chalaronne. Here you can discover flora and fauna, experience the stillness of the lakes in Dombes, get in touch with nature and enjoy a rich and unique natural landscape. There are also numerous golf courses close by (La Bresse, Le Gouverneur, Le Clou, La Commanderie...) and gourmet restaurants.

In this family-run guesthouse situated in the heart of the French countryside, there are two charming and comfortable rooms. In the winter, you can enjoy afternoon tea by the fireside and in summer, a swimming pool and bicycles are at your disposition.

The green room is a beautifully decorated double room with en-suite bathroom. It is very calm and overlooks the green fields behind the guesthouse.

Green room for 2 people €60 or for one person €55 (net/day including a substantial homemade breakfast including cold meats, local cheeses, cakes, cereals, tea, coffee etc) Swimming pool and bycicles.


Bourg en Bresse - Lyon - Beaujolais - Perouges - Villars les Dombes (Parc des Oiseaux) Golfs de la Bresse, du Gouverneur, du Clou etc


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D 17 Between Chatillon sur Chalaronne et Romans (01) the house is at the sign Les Bruyères on the right
Romans toward Chatillon sur Chalaronne at 100m on the left after the sign "Les Bruyères"

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