Le Moulin Rodet


For your holidays, in the heart of Auvergne, at 50 km from Clermon-Ferrand and Vichy; the house (near the riverside, 3 bedrooms (6 people), bathroom, fully-equiped kitchen, living room, garage, garden (1000 m2)) is to let during all the year...

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

For your holidays, in the heart of Auvergne, ...

The moulin Rodet is this delightful little house that you can visually visit below.

Geographycally the house is located at Chouvigny, in Auvergne, in the Allier (50 km of Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy). The house is located on the D 915 in the lower part of Chouvigny, on the road who "runs" the Sioule river between Ebreuil and Le Pont de Menat.

The nam "moulin rodet" cames from its location by the riverside where many water mills were used. "Rodet" is the way that the wheels were getting the water through their sides.

The house is made of : one fully equiped kitchen, a very nice linving room, washing machine, disk-wacher, three bed-ooms with double beds (6people), one bath-room and two lavatories. the whole complete by garden (1000m2) for BBQ and the sioule river.


Delightful village at the edge oh the Allier country and the Puy-de-Dôme country... 40 km from Vichy, 74 km from Moulins and 58 km from Clermon-Ferrand, Chouvigny is located near the sioule river, beautiful river for fishing and Allier afluent. This village counts 250 inhabitants (920 befor the first worl war) and more than 10.000 animals all kinds (cows, sheeps, goats, etc.) The district of Chouvigny spread out over 1.341 hectares with an altitude of 471 meters and a level difference of about 200 meters. Cycling tourisme be careful the hill up of the village is steep 15%. The Sioule, river gorges spreads out over 15km (between Le pont de Menat and ebreuil) and is particularly deep on 5km between Chouvigny and Le Pont de Menat. The walks are very pleasant for your eyes and your papillaes, you will find 4 restaurants in the valley. The landscape is green like this web site color. You can practice fishing, cycling tourism, rock-climbing (there are différent place to practice), walking and swimming (in the Sioule), but also in Ebreuil (at 8km), tennis, horse, archery, "acro-branche" and canoeing.


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