94 rue Saint Remy
Arcis sur Aube


In Champagne, near Troyes and shopping outlets, the Villa Primerose offers accommodation in a particular hotel offering luxury and comfort. Our 5 bedrooms have got 4 keys assigned by the Committee for Tourism in Champagne. Moldings, wainscoting, wood floors, high ceilings and fireplaces are part of the decor of the rooms of this mansion

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

In Champagne Arcis sur Aube, near Troyes and shopping outlets, the Primrose Villa provides a peaceful accommodation in a Mansion offering luxury and comfort. This charming home built in 1890 in the heart of an area and a park of a hectar welcomes you to stay in its three cottages which have obtained four key Clévacances quality label assigned by the Departmental Committee Tourism Aube

quality architectural heritage preserved in its green nearly one hectar. Primrose Villa at Arcis sur Aube in the heart of champagne appears as a privileged place where we take pleasure to stay over a stop or more, the time to discover the beauties and riches offered by the multi-department de l'Aube (10) and the Champagne region


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