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The intention of Yolande Centre d´Art Sanssat is to relax, heal, and inspire all and everything and bring it to a higher consciousness.
Artist Yolande Weerdenburg has created her own paradise. Relax, development and workshops. Galerie, atelier and jardin sculptures. In the galerie beautiful art like the bronzes and oilpaintings. To be a quest of the Yolande Centre d ´Art Sanssat chambre d ´hotes you are allowed to use the salon/music room, bibliotheque, chapel, dance room, swimmingpool, and jardin. There is a possibillity to take artlessons in painting or sculpting.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

In the center of the little village of Sanssat there is the beautiful constructed Ancien Hospice by architect Ernest Noailly, original build like a very luxury place for older people. This Grand Maison de Caractére' with the oak floors, doors and windows, the round constructed walls, the inside promenades to the four wings, is worth your visit. Your room is beautiful decorated by the hand of the artist and there are very good beds covered by relaxfull things. In the beautiful garden with the sound of the fontain are the wooden tables, you can enjoy your brakfast or your dinner. The tables are made up with silver, porcelain and candles. Under the large trees of the Lindes or in the sun on the terasses you will find here peace, rest and silence. The fishes and the frogs in the pound.


There is no need to go out of this beautiful garden with the frogs, fishes and the butterflies but it is an invitation of the nature to enjoy this area around the Allier, famous for the wonderfull different kinds of birds and fishes. Between the field of the sunflowers there are special mades tours of the castles around the Allier, tours of the wines and tours of the cheeses, a lot all ready famous but a lot waiting to discouver. In the evening you can listen to a concert or a play on top of a beautiful castle. Vichy with the sources of health, famous of ''little Paris'is close by on 20 minutes drive. Sport, culture, art, shops, restaurants: it's all here!


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Paris, route des Arbre, Moulin, Varennes d 'Allier, on the raod to Billy, this old city, there is, on your left hand, 2 minites drive, Sanssat.

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Extra Information: 60, 70, 80 et 95 euro pour deux pers. le petit déjeuner inclus. 45 euro 1 pers.

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