Servane Collin
2 Cours Brûlées


In a small village (5 kms to the vines), you will find a space to slacken you. Arranged in an old barn, the house reveals its character with visible beams and a very large stone chimney.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Pretty House in the countryside, with garden and swimming pool. Possibility of placing 6/8 people, in two bedrooms with two bathrooms and an auxiliary room in top of a mezzanine. Great living-room with library, chimney and corner dining room. Independent kitchen furnace, refrigerator, microwawe oven and washing machine.


Cellars, vineyard, DisneyLand, Cap Aventures, countryside, horses, shopping in Troyes


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From Paris: take A4 and go out in “St Jean les 2 jumeaux”, enter “Ferté sous Jouarre” then take always straight direction Epernay, Montmirail. In Montmirail, always straight, Epernay direction, Vauchamps. Pass Vauchamps, the following village is Fromentières. Once in Fromentières it is the third on the right (all small street, just after the store of publicity), street Chaudron. Take straight and before the street does not turn, you arrive on a court which is called “cours brûlées”. It is here!

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