Tony et Thierry
6 Impasse des Prés
Cuiry lès chaudardes


Tony et Thierry are happy to welcome you in La Grange .

Four accommodations within a house full of charm and character... Magnificent atypical renovation of a former barn, allying authenticity and contemporary style.

Guest houses close to inescapable places of interest, bound to the History of France and to its cultural heritage (Champagne, Cathedrals, Castles and literary roads)

A house full of charm offering thanks to broad bay windows a panoramic sight on the valley of the AISNE… theatre of harmony, with which each bedroom profits

In the valley of the Aisne, in the center of the historical triangle: Reims, Laon, Soissons… near the Golf de l'Ailette, Centerparcs of Aisne… and close to splendid Champagne cellars

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Alive masonry, posed in the middle of a grazing field of 43 ares…
it admires since its after war rebuilding
a landscape which gives the impression that time has stoped
strangely protected from the bruises of the modernity...

4 magnificient rooms, in a place that seem to be decorated with the word "welcome"

When, we discovered it during the winter, 1997
it slept under a roof of corrugated iron ,on a cemetery of dead weeds, as forgotten…


The History left eternal traces in this area. The sites commemorating the first world war mix with vestiges shelled by the centuries. In addition to la Caverne du Dragon and its museum, le Chemin des Dames and its monuments, you may discover the Musée Franco-américain du château de Blérancourt . Majestic Cathedrals: Reims, Laon, Soissons, Noyon and others a little more remote from us (Senlis, Amiens) are meetings with our heritage, that cannot be ignored.


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EXITn°14 (BERRY AU BAC) go on D925 Right (Cross N44) direction : Centerparc aisne / After Pontavert and the military cemetary, take the second left (4kms) and arrive in Cuiry-lès-chaudardes

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