Béatrice Mayeur
Domaine de Romécourt


Take a tranquil and relaxing hike, or bike ride, and travel back in time in a site preserved since the XVIth century and rich with history. The two inviting rooms are situated and are classified as historic monuments. Vast and spacious, they are located in the center of this fortified farm. The park that surrounds the castle is enchanting and peaceful, a perfect setting to unwind.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Here, at Romécourt, time seems to have stood still... placed in the heart of this magnificent touristic region, this fortified farm is one of a kind. Situated in the midst of the natural park of the Lorraine region, surrounded by the forests and lakes of the Sarrebourg countryside, this is an idea location for an overnight or several-day stay.


Near of the "Château de Romécourt" you can visit the zoo of Sainte Croix or you can visit museums or do sports.


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A partir de Paris, prendre l'autoroute de l'est (A4), direction Nancy-Metz, prendre la sortie Metz Est-Technopole. Suivre la 4 voies puis sortir à Chateau-Salins, après Maizière-les-vic, attention 5 km avant suivre Azoudange. Après le panneau Azoudange,

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