Lasry Aimee
3 Chemin de Notre Dame Alaise


Aimee accomodates you in Autr' door. At the exit of an authentic inhabitant of Franche-Comté village and in the middle of the valley of Lison and in site NATURA 2000 you will be able to enjoy many activities in full nature and to benefit from the swimming pool heated with solar energy.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Rural lodging independent (standard country cottage) of a capacity from 5 to 15 independent people, 5 rooms including 3 with shower and toilet (rdc and stages). Near to the hiking trails you will be able to appreciate the splendid landscape of the valley of Loue and Lison. Many corners of fish, horsemanship, vtt, climbing, speleology and via ferrata and accrobranche are near the lodging in a radius of 15 km. The thermal city saline baths offers to you the possibility of a cure at a watering-place in its salted water. An ideal lodging for the rest and in love ones with nature.

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