Augustin Thyssen
La Crueize


Restored but rustic small old farmhouse, at a stone-throw from our own, on a sunny southern slope of the Cevennes. After a forest track of about one kilometre - careful driving - the reward is there : peace and quiet, the singing of birds, the occasional grunting or bleating in the forest beyond of our black pigs and sheep and the cackling of fowl around the house. Not a sign of human habitation other than ours and a view on the green hills, covered in chestnuts, holm oaks and pine…More details on our website :


Nîmes, Alès, Avignon, Uzès, les Vans at more or less an hour drive. Village swimming-pool, crystal clear rivers. We're on the grande randonnée 44. Supermarket at five or twelve kilometres.


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See map on our website. There are several choices, depending on the willingness of the village council to repair the forest road after heavy,typically Cevenol, rainfall.

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