Marie-Armelle Lelievre
Le Fresne


Welcome to the Fresne !
Marie-Armelle and Pascal welcome you in Solesmes in the heart of the Sarthe Valley

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Breakfast, included in the price of the rooms. It served in our dining-room or on the terrace, depending on the weather. An opportunity to taste our home made jam.

It is with pleasure that we dine with you ( booking in advance : 20€ all inclusive 12€ for under 12 years).

Depending on the hostess mood and the produce available in the vegetable garden and the poultry yards, you will enjoy traditional French cooking.

You will be able to benefit from the swimming pool and the jacuzzi which are in our garden, and will make in kind respect the safety regulations and of user-friendliness, which are posted in your rooms.


Abbayes de Solesmes, villages d'Asnières sur Vègre et de Parcé, Faïenceries de Malicorne... Tennis à Solesmes, équitation à 5km, golf 27 trous à 10km


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