23 rue François de Grammont


In an old house dates back to the end of the XVth century, 3 rooms old furnished. Available to the guests : drawing-room, music-room, park with swimming-pool (summer).
B and B GAY (Hetero friendly).

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

Located on the side of a hill overlooking the OGNON valley, a fishermen’s paradise, this pretty village has kept its old image with its historic sites.
The castle, the church with its typical « clocher comtois » and the Grammont Hospital indicate the «Bourg en haut», formerly bourg castral. In the «Bourg en bas», the mill, the weaving mill and the old railway station show a prosperous period, with, away the old forges and their locks.
The house dates back to the end of the XVth century. It is located in the main center of the city, near the shops and 50 meters from the castle, but set back in the upper part of a terrace garden-park opened to the guests, and giving a fine sight on the lower part of the city, and the land around.
Pascal and Philippe gave all their energy to restore this house, so now you can spend some pleasant moments there in their company.
The thick walls, made of big lime-seamed stones, keep the house cool ; however the oaken ceilings and the carefully chosen furniture give the inside of the house a warm and quiet atmosphere.
A large drawing-room and music-room is separated from the dining room with a traditional fireplace. You can relax between the two large pianos and a Flemish harpsichord.
2 double bedrooms and 1 single are available on the 2nd floor, under an impressive oaken frame. They are old-furnished and carefully decorated.
The large red room is a double one with a 140 cm wide old bed. It is equipped with a lavatory including a washbasin and WC.
The blue room just beside is a double room (old 130 cm wide bed) and if necessary, it is possible to pair it with the red room through an access to the lavatory of the red room.
The yellow room is a single one, with a 110 cm wide « boat-bed ».
A bathroom, with bath shower, wash-basin and WC is available for the 3 rooms at the 1st floor.
Available to the guests : drawing-room, music-room, TV lounge, cooking equiped, terrace balcony, garden and park with swimming-pool (summer).
To see : church, parsonage, town-hall from the XVIIIth century, Renaissance Castle, Grammont Hospital with its pharmacy from the XVIIIth century.
Guided visit of the City and the pharmacy.
To do : canoë-kayak, golf, walks, horse-riding, mountain bike, castles, fishing, bathing.


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