4,6 Avenue de la Libération
Saint Martin sur Oust


Between Rochefort-en-Terre and Gacilly, Anthony and Stéphanie receive you in an ancient school/parish room renovated in the middle of Saint-Martin-Sur-Oust, in 100 m of the Channel of Nantes in Brest.
An instant of relaxation in shelter or room in a guest house and the pleasure of party around a good table.

A family table, based on regional products, will accompany your stay for marvellous instants of friendliness.
(On Reservation)

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

* 4 rooms 2/3 pers. with bathroom and toilet privatory.
* 1 Family suite 2/4 pers. with bathroom and toilet privatory.
* 2 flats of pers. 2/4 equipped for your comfort.


- Gacilly (village of craftsmen) - the museum of the prehistory of Malansac, - the farm of the world with Carentoir - the channel from Nantes to Brest - towns of Redon,- Pénestin, with its gilded beaches and its coastal lanes - Arzal, with its port, its master key with fish, its cruisings in the yellow high-speed motorboats - La Roche-Bernard, small city of character, with its lanes, its port, its historical past - Guerno, with its botanical and animalist park of Branféré - The Gulf of Morbihan, with its islands - Rochefort-en-Terre and the True-Cross, with its flowers and its water level arranged - Questembert, with its markets - The Regional natural park of Brière, with its barges and its thatched cottages briéronnes - Guérande, with its salt-water ramparts and its marshes - St-Nazaire, with its building sites of the Atlantic


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