Mme Leclercq
7 Rue des Jardins


VENTENAC- CABARDES in the heart of the "LANGUEDOC" is situated just 5 miles from CARCASSONNE famous
for it's fortified city and the Canal du Midi,
VENTENAC- CABARDES with it's chateau, narrow shaded streets and medieval church has remained unchanged through
the centuries, but does nontheless have it's village shop, tobacconist, baker and tennis court as well as it's vineyards. The
CABARDES wine is one of the many reputed A.O.C. wines.
Go wine tasting in the many local vinyards, eat out in the shade of the plane trees and discover the colourful local
Or you might prefer walking or cycling and picnicking in the wonderful contrasts offered by the landscapes.
Spend the day on the beach and swim in the warm waters of the Med, just an hour's drive away.
For Winter holidays, spend the day skiing on the sunniest slopes in France in the Pyrennees Mountains, just a 60 mile drive.
For those who wish to go further afield - a two hour drive away - spend a day in Spain or take advantage of duty-free
shopping in Andorra. .




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