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Guenther Gerrits


4 gites and 1 guestrooms with pool, sauna on 7ha ground

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

The county Drôme is one of the most beautiful regions of France.
In this place you can find our four cottages, surrounded by forests and meadows.
Our village, Grâne, is situated approx. 150 km south of Lyon. The construction of the houses is typically for a French manor. Each one points in another direction and has its own shady terrace, own entree and parking. The rubble-stone walls, up to 2 m thick, see to special ambiance and provide an agreeable climate in the houses. 7 ha property is securing nature pure, silence and relaxation! The pool has a size of 10 x 5 m and is between 1 m and 1,90 m deep. Comfortable deck-chairs are inviting you to a sun-bath. Children enjoy the big playground with swings, climbing rack, volleyball, basketball etc. For a change in your cooking there is a barbecue for all guests. Mountain bikes, sauna, fitness-room


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Disabled Access
Animals Allowed
Credit Cards Accepted

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