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Domaine de Brusson


The Château de Brusson, situated 1 km of the village of Soulitré, is surrounded by garages and several constructions. It was rebuilt during the Directoire. Its architecture is full of elegance. The park is planted with olds trees and is overlooking a beautiful countryside. 100 acres of land, with fields, woods, and ponds lay in front of the house , where you may see roes, ducks, stags or herons.

Description of Chambres D'Hotes:

If you wish to spend a bucolic weekend with your friends, spend your vacations with your family, or celebrate an event, then Brusson is yours, and our personnel welcomes you.


On site facilities: Ping Pong; Boule play ground, walks in privat woods; fishing; children play ground Indoors &Outdoors Animal wildlife park @ Domaine de Pescheray (


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Domaine de Brusson is situated 10 miles from Le Mans. From Caen join the A28 towards Tours, take the exit 23 and follow the N157 towards Blois.
At the crossing to Ardenay-sur Mérize turn left towards Soulitré (A52). The House is on the left before the village of Soulitré.

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